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In Weymouth, Massachusetts, EndCap is performing a soil loading project for the town at their historic Legion Field. This project includes surcharging the field with appx. 86,000 yards of clean fill, demolition of 2 buildings, removal of old grandstands and fencing, and new catch basins.


Benson Brook - Marion, MA

In Marion, Massachusetts, EndCap, with the approval and consent order from DEP, has just started the town’s landfill capping and closure project meeting DEP’s unlined landfill criteria. The total capacity for this project is 160,000 cubic yards. Approved dredge sediment can also be accepted at this site.


Landfill Remediation - Attelboro, MA

In Attelboro, Massachusetts, EndCap is in the development stages with a privately owned landfill. This private landfill has a unique situation where it is part of an EPA superfund site. We are working with the principle owners of the surrounding properties to cost effectively remediate this site.

Greenbush Railroad Line - CBB

End Cap is currently contracted for the largest design-build transportation project by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). Sub-contracted by Cashman, Balfour, Beatty, and Eco Industries, End Cap is managing all off site soil removal and trucking for material generated along the 18 mile rail row. This work includes diversion of contaminated soils to suitable disposal sites. The volume on the project in 500,000 cubic yards.

City of Wayland - Wayland, MA

We are presently under contract to provide daily cover for the Town of Wayland's
active MSW landfill.

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